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As with other living things, keeping a tree or a plant alive requires proper care. That includes the right nutrition, right amount of fertilization, proper pruning, and if needed, injections. Either for pest control, healthy growth, or aesthetics, Dallas Tree Removal provides the proper care your tree needs.

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Tree Health and Maintenance

  • Fertilization and Nutrition
    If you want your tree to grow and live out its life expectancy, a good fertilization is required to provide the proper nutrition it needs. Neighboring plants can also benefit from it. You have to understand however that depending on what type of tree it is, there are certain fertilization methods that may be required. Our staff of experts is ready and willing to assist and work with you on this.
  • Treatment and Pest Control
    Dallas Tree Removal have all the necessary resources to assess and evaluate the conditions of a tree, whether it may need treatment or requires pest control. Using the most advanced techniques and solutions, we can guarantee a quality service that would protect and preserve the tree’s well-being.


Why You Should Hire an Expert

Tree health care and management requires deep knowledge, resources, and dedication. Unless you have the proper equipment and are quite familiar with trees, we suggest hiring a professional to accurately diagnose and assess the condition of the tree. Incorrect amount of fertilization has the potential to do more damage than helping their cause.

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