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Tree cutting, pruning & maintenance is essential for any well-kept home or business. It is key for tree health and proper growth, not to mention can promote better safety – avoiding a hazardous scenario can save you trouble as well as money!


At Dallas Tree Removal we are here for all trimming and pruning needs and work with any type of tree or shrub. There’s no job too big or small and we handle all scenarios including:


  • sidewalk clearing
  • branch removal
  • driveway clearing
  • fruit tree pruning
  • shrub maintenance
  • tree lopping & tree topping

Many untrained and untaught individuals have tried tree trimming and failed, leading to a more serious resolution in the future. Let us help you determine the problem and we will deal with the matter ourselves. You don’t have to trouble yourself with renting or buying the necessary equipment and have to deal with the process and methods. At Dallas Tree Removal we are your number 1 option for all tree trimming, pruning and cutting in Dallas!

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Tree Cutting Benefits

  • Having a tree regularly trimmed or pruned can improve its health and aesthetic value. On average, a healthy, well-maintained tree can improve property value by 10% according to USDA Forest Service.
  • If you have healthy grown trees around your property, your energy bills is said to drop by a significant amount in later years.
  • Besides having a natural shade nearby, a tree also acts as an air filter, providing a much cleaner air near your property.
  • For fruit trees, pruning can improve crop growth. By cutting dead or dying limbs, it provides the tree a better nutrition distribution. Moreover, dead limbs attracts pests and is susceptible to disease.
  • Tall trees with weak or dying limbs is a risk hazard. Cutting these limbs is the best solution to prevent any injuries or accidents.


Tree Cutting Tips

Tree trimming and pruning are somewhat similar in method, but differ in purpose. Tree trimming is done to better a tree’s aesthetic presentation, while pruning is done for its healthy growth. That being said, trimming may not require specific cuts, but it is important to learn how much is too much. Otherwise, you may just have yourself a dying tree, sooner or later.



There are favorable times when to trim or prune a tree, and usually it depends on what type of tree it is. Typically, the best time to trim a tree is when it is inactive. Late winter is usually one of those times. Do note that some are best trimmed or pruned during early spring or early summer, such as flowering shrubs.



There are certain signs to identify if a branch is sick or dying, and fungus is just one of them. Other signs may include visible smooth areas, cracks, holes, and dead leaves.

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